Sunday, July 20, 2008

Love To Be Single?

I'm NOT going to tell anything about my love life or whatsoever do you call it.I just,you know..want to jot down something after what I've go through.

L-O-V-E.Now don't tell me you know about 'love'.I'm sick of people telling me such things.I mean,your love to your boyfriend or your girldfriend.

Something that can't be denied about this kind of love can make you feel very happy(to the max).Yeah,with people taking care of your feeling,how can you feel miserable,right?Haha.But it's just for a certain period before you endure anguish moment.CLASH,or stuck in a triangle(even an octagon maybe!)love.Those things are usual.Usual enough for lovers nowadays!

I've quit mine.It's not that I feel upset or furious(In fact,I hardly feel anything).I just feel it's not a right way.Giving my love to whoever that walk into my life,without knowing their sincerity.That's what I called stupidity.

Love is like a pure canvas.Pure enough to make me stop from doodling around and drawing unwanted things.If one day,my customer really want to buy it,I'll give him a pure one.Pure enough for him to draw the prettiest drawing in the world.

Yes,I'm definitely happy being single.But I'm not happy to be single in the next 10 years.(Bless me!)

NOTE:To my ex-,Thank you for your presence in my life.Dont worry,you're not going to stuck with me anymore.haha

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