Monday, June 2, 2008

My First Blog

why cant i seems to find blog that really, really, really, really, fit me? i mean seriously. i tried browsing around but i failed. i went to wordpress and "it was good" but then again theres this one problem that i really hate with wordpress. wordpress cant seems to uphold my photo, i have to admit that ive loads of them. then there's friendster, the same problem here. and then there's blogsavy, nice but still not much skin to choose form. blogspot, erm nice but then they have this problem to arrange picture when i upload then. this is soo lame. whateverla..huhu. Seriously,I’m not used to it,but I can try.Though this blog might be hardly noticed by anybody,I still want to jot down something in here.Hehe. Read aa..

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