Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Well, it is super easy to make promises, but it is 'mammoth' hard to do it.

Let me tell u a story about promises by those whom i considered as 'so-called-close-dear-people' in my life. Today is 23st of Disember. My birthday was on the 24th of October. So, it has been ten weeks lar masa berlalu. Nak dijadikan story a friend of mine, 'A' has promised me to take me out for a dinner to celebrate my birthday. But sadly, 'A' not only do not bring me out, but 'A' doesn't even call or text me to wish 'Happy Birthday'. Few days later, 'A' still acted as nothing happen. I am so mad and disappointed, so I asked 'A', whether 'A' forgets my birthday, and this is what 'A' said to me:

Hey, I remember your birthday, I just don't want to wish it through the phone, because I want to do it personal, face to face.

But of course I could not accept the reason. What's so logical about that? I will appreciate more if 'A' give me a call and say "heyMie, happy birthday my dear". But, since I don't want to pick up a fight, I acknowledged the explanation 'A' gave me.

Till today, yes, till today, 'A' still tak berpegang pada janji.

Promise can be best define as an acknowledgment assuring that one will do certain thang or giving one's word that one will do something creates a reason for action in the future.

So, kalau nak berjanji tu fakir lah baik-baik sebab ia melibatkan hati dan perasaan. Lebih penting lagi, ia melibatkan kepercayaan. Senang cerita 'the best way to keep one's word is not to give it'.

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal.

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froggycun said...

ala... siannya.... heeee.... kepada si 'A'... xbek wat cm2... heee... kepada me... Xpa2... HEPI BELATED BESDAY...(mst dh brhabok dh wish nih)